Meet the team

Partners and Directors

John Foster
Creative Director and Managing Director, SHERE.
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Martyn Billing
Marketing and Business Development Specialist; Managing Partner, SHERE Strategic Communications LLP

Michael Clarke
Business Strategist; Managing Partner, SHERE Business Consulting LLP

Account Personnel

Charmaine Kimpton
Senior Project Manager

Sara Kempson-Hayes
Senior Account Manager

Anju Sarpal
Communications Specialist


Paul Wilkinson
Corporate Communications Specialist: Construction, Technology

Richard Dymond
Corporate Communications Specialist: Energy, Built Environment, Technology, Utilities

Trevor Millard
Research Specialist Associate.

Steve Carpenter
CRM Specialist Associate.

Design and production

Our creative and production personnel includes our in-house design team, as well as external design specialists when required.

The Office

We have a highly skilled telemarketing, administration and support team, several having been with the agency for many years.

Strategic Partners

SHERE has formalised strategic partnerships with a select few specialist providers into niche markets.

MJdigital is our digital marketing partner.  They provide their expertise through a seamless and contractually agreed relationship with SHERE and assist our clients to develop advanced strategic plans and deliver strongly ROI based online marketing.

Beeline Films are a London based niche video production company bringing together a team of highly experienced specialists who assist our clients with all types of video for their business.

Hotcow is SHERE's experiential marketing partner.  With Hotcow we are able to tell brand stories through fun and interesting experiences. These stories change the way that people think and feel about the brands they interact with. Hotcow use the latest technologies, world class actors and powerful face to face ideas to make sure our clients connect with the right people at the right time, in the right place.