Built Environment 

PR, marketing and CSR communication programmes

B2B professional services and the built environment.

Real B2B success requires real experience... And our team has it in spades. From ex-editors, now regular contributors to the construction media, to business development specialists - we have been B2B specialists since 1989.

Making the intangible tangible - the trick of selling services. Our qualified strategic marketing planners, writers and creative specialists can present your brand to your markets in the most effective and compelling manner possible.

Strategic, effective communications

We assist clients that have an ethos of ethical conduct and environmental responsibility in their business practices.

Working with like-minded people is not only beneficial to your company, but also for the issues you care about.

We provide strategic marketing planning and delivery of a full range of communications services.

Our strategic planning methodology is unique and highly successful.

When reputation really matters

Effective communications are key to raising awareness of environmental and social issues in business - in order that we protect our environment, encourage social responsibility and deliver economic benefits through this approach.

To this end, we provide an ethically focused approach to your marketing, in order to deliver communications programmes with integrity and values – not just value.

By following our own ethical policies and having an excellent awareness of environmental issues, we are able to advise on and create a similar approach for all our clients.

Engaging With Stakeholders

Planning reforms such as the 2011 Localism Act have seen decision making devolve to local communities and authorities, bringing new obligations and responsibilities for organisations involved in service and project delivery, and placing increased emphasis on community engagement.

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"We found the SHERE Plan helped us focus on how our business was perceived from an external, rather than internal, perspective. This led to us cutting a lot of the technical jargon from our marketing communications, simplifying our messages and improving our marketing tactics. Adopting the business development programme with SHERE has given us many more leads than we had a year ago and we feel very positive about the way it is going"
Neil Upton
Director,  Woodman Construction

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