Measures the profit generated by your marketing.

Demonstrates the value that your marketing delivers to your business.

Enables planning based on hard evidence of what works best. 


Tracks marketing outcomes across the business
The process includes information gathering; sales process analytics; establishing transaction profitability.

Establishes what profit is generated by individual sales AND customer lifetime value
To do this we undertake customer segmentation; cost allocation; profitability analysis.

Provides detailed analysis and reporting
Including revenue, investment, profit and ROI outcomes.

Makes ROI part of your business culture
Embedding ROI in board reporting and in budgeting and planning processes.

Marketing Analytics and Reporting

SHERE ROI uses 'UQube' from Upper Quadrant, web-based analytics software, to help evaluate and report marketing performance and reporting.

“…allows us to make the quick, sound, decisions that improve the way we do business and outperform our past results.  We can now be sure that we are not making false assessments and false judgments as the result of inconsistent and inaccurate data.”

SPRINT - global provider of voice, data and Internet services.

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“…we know, immediately, which media drive the greatest number of responses that lead to sales, and which programs should be terminated due to poor performance.”

OMD - integrated communications agency.

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